About The Owner

Hey Beauties!!
My name is Paige. I am the Owner of Simply Blessed Boutique. 

When asking to fill out an “About me” section i would honestly have to say “TBD” (To be determined) haha
i have spent the better part of my late twenties and all of my thirties searching for that answer. Okay, what are the Facts? 

• I am a Mother/Step mother 
• I am a Wife 
• I am a Daughter & Sister
• I am a Friend 
• I love Crafts & Music 
• I attend Southeast Christian Church
• I have graduated collage in not only Cosmetology but Medical Assisting/Phlebotomy

Those are just some of the Facts I can tell you about that are not only blessings but in a funny way of saying it, my, so called “Google Search results” haha

Here is what God has shown me on this journey to self worth and now I can confidently say out loud. 
(Which took me years to know & truly feel)

• I am Loved
• I am Strong
• I was Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
• I am the Daughter of the almighty King 
• I am Broken….. (but beautifully put back together)
• I am not defined by my “Emotions” and/or “Past”
• I don’t need to be Fixed
• I am a Human & Flawed

My story is ongoing and with the help of God, Therapy, and the support of my Family and Church Groups, I am appreciating all that I have been through and how far I’ve come. The moment I decided to start working towards my own business i came to the realization that God only gave us a small amount of time here on earth and I was done wasting it! Horrible Jobs, unhealthy Relationships, and the pain I was carrying was no longer going to keep me from living and glorifying God.

Want to know more? Come on down to Simply Blessed Boutique in the Beautiful town of Lagrange KY! I put a seating area in it for a reason y’all….